Gold Discs, Record Signed

The displays in this range are framed in a plexiglass-covered, gold aluminium frame, with all items properly mounted, as opposed to merely stuck onto a backing, as with lower-quality items. Within the "K" sub-category, there are a number of gold discs / signed gold records displays that collectors seem likely to find especially attractive.

Fans of American hard rock / heavy metal / glam metal band Kiss cannot fail to be attracted to the display featuring their 2nd compilation album, the 1982 release "Killers." This dramatic display includes a CD gold disc of the album, along with a photograph of the band, which has been personally hand signed by lead vocalist and bass guitarist, Gene Simmons. Also mounted in the frame is a commemorative plectrum collection.

Amongst other gold discs and signed gold records on offer, collectors of alternative rock memorabilia may well like the display featuring the "Employment" album by the Kaiser Chiefs. The Leeds-based band were formed in 1997 and named after South African football team, Kaizer Chiefs. Their debut album, "Employment," was released in 2005, taking its inspiration primarily from the "Britpop" and "New Wave" movements, along with 1970s punk rock. The album reached no.3 in the UK Albums Charts in March 2005, but subsequently reached no.2 in 2006, following the Kaiser Chiefs Brit Award success. It was the 4th best-selling album of 2006 in the UK and went on to enjoy international success, with sales exceeding 3 million. "Employment" was awarded 6x platinum certification by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The eye-catching display includes a photograph of the band, personally hand signed by all its members.

Alternative rock fans may also like the Kings of Leon 2008 album, "Only by the Night," which entered the UK Albums Charts at no.1, with first week sales approaching a quarter of a million. It is purportedly the UK's all-time best-selling digital album and has achieved 8x platinum certification from the BPI.

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