Gold Discs, Record Signed

Gold Discs, Record Signed - Letter S
Along with a Certificate of Authenticity for autographs, each display of gold discs and signed gold records bears a metal plaque, with the legend "GOLD DISC DISPLAY, signed by the artist/s, in recognition of sales of over 500,000 albums worldwide."

"School of Rock" is an American musical comedy film, centred upon hard rock singer / guitarist Dewy Finn, who was unanimously booted out of his band in an unceremonious fashion. He later masqueraded as a teacher at an esteemed prep school, forming a group of 5th grade students into a rock band. Finn's intention is to create a band talented enough to win the forthcoming "Battle of the Bands," in order to ensure that he has sufficient funds to pay the rent for his apartment.

A current offering in the "S" sub-category, a display featuring the soundtrack album of the same name, which was released in September 2003, should appeal to collectors of gold discs and signed gold records. The CD cover is hand signed by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. An unusual and significant feature of the "School of Rock" album is the fact that it includes "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin. The hard rock / heavy metal band traditionally prevents their songs being used in commercial ventures and only very rarely allow others to use their songs. In order to obtain permission, "School of Rock" director, Richard Linklater, devised a strategy to shoot a video on the stage used at the end of the film, with actor Jack Black (Dewy Finn) pleading with Led Zeppelin for the use of "Immigrant Song," against a backdrop of a cheering, chanting crowd. Linklater sent the video to Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, resulting in them granting permission for the song to be used.

In addition to Led Zeppelin, artists featured on the album include Cream, Stevie Nicks, The Darkness, The Doors, The Ramones, The Who and T.Rex.

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