Gold Single Displays

Gold Single Displays - Letter A

Featuring gold discs and certified gold singles (sales in excess of half a million worldwide) these attractive displays make for an eye-catching addition to any wall. Currently the content of the "A" sub-category of gold records is slightly limited, but there are many potential bands and artists for future inclusion.

UK garage/R&B group Artful Dodger formed in Southampton in 1997. Taking their name from a character in Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist because of the number of bootlegs that the group released in its infancy Artful Dodger quickly rose to prominence at the height of the UK garage movement, experiencing critical and commercial success in Britain with a number of hit singles and gold records. The original incarnation of the band consisted of Mark Hill and Pete Devereux, with Hill continuing to produce records under the moniker after Devereuxs' departure in 2001 prior to the release of their 13th single "TwentyFourSeven". Taken from "It's All About the Stragglers", the seminal 2000 debut album that spawned ten top 20 singles "Think About Me" was released in 2001, peaking at no.11 in the singles chart, one position shy of the top 10. It would go on to become another of the Artful Dodgers' gold discs.

London indie rockers Athlete were formed in 2000 by long-time childhood friends Joel Pott, Carey Willets, Steve Roberts and Tim Wanstall. Despite inconsistent television and radio support the group enjoyed a brief period of high-profile success, their debut album "Vehicles and Animals" and follow-up "Tourist" were both certified platinum in 2005 (the former earned them a Mercury Music Prize nomination and the latter went on to become the 32nd best-selling record of the year in the UK). The second track to be taken from "Tourist", "Half Life" appeared in April 2005 and proceeded to break the UK top 20, peaking at no.16 in the singles chart.

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