Gold Single Displays

Gold Single Displays - Letter F

Though limited, the selection of gold discs and records in the 'F' sub-category is diverse and there are many candidates for future inclusion.

Norman Quentin Cook, known by his stage name Fatboy Slim, is a successful British DJ with three Brit awards and several platinum and gold records to his name. He achieved his first solo success in 1989 with the release of his debut track 'Blame It on the Bassline,' which became a minor hit, charting at no. 29 in the UK Singles Chart. 'Slash Dot Dash' was the first single to be taken from 2004s 'Palookaville' - his last studio album of original material recorded under the Fatboy Slim moniker. 'Slash Dot Dash' was another moderate success, charting just two positions shy of the top ten at no. 12 in the UK Singles Chart.

After the dissolution of Nirvana, one of the most successful alternative rock bands of the 20th century, drummer David Eric Grohl formed the Foo Fighters. Following record label interest generated by recordings of his material, Grohl set about recruiting musicians to support the album. Once the line up had been finalised, the group began recording their 1995 self-titled debut. Since then the group has enjoyed a high degree of critical and commercial success, including several certified platinum / gold discs, as well as Grammy nominations for each of their six albums. Taken from their 2005 double-album 'In Your Honor,' 'Resolve' fared far better in Britain than it did in their home country (where it failed to chart), peaking at no. 32 in the UK Singles Chart.

Rock fans may also note the inclusion of Welsh group, Feeder. Formed in 1991 the group has enjoyed a moderate level of mainstream success, scoring several top ten hits and gold records in the UK. 'Save Us,' recorded exclusively for their 2006 retrospective 'The Singles,' became a Top 40 hit, charting at no. 34.

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