Many actors, films and popular TV shows will remain "current" forever, because of the popularity of collecting film / TV memorabilia. Autographed movie photos are just some of the items collected as reminders of favourite actors, films and TV. A good idea when starting up a collection is to focus on a theme of particular interest, whether it is a particular actor or film genre, such as musicals or Oscar winners.

Research into potential purchases will give a better understanding of their history, the number in circulation and some idea as to their investment potential. The current approximate value of an item can be verified by an online search for similar items. A wide range of movie photos can be readily obtained.

"Provenance" is an important factor when contemplating the purchase of movie photos or movie memorabilia. The proven history of an item, how it was obtained by the seller and personal stories can greatly enhance the value of a given item.

Authentication of autographed photos is also important.

Certificate of Authenticity
Ideally, such authentication should take the form of a "Certificate of Authenticity" from the seller (or better still, the originating studio), issued by an authenticator with credibility within the movie industry, or some other body / individual with a proven record of accomplishment, experience and integrity.

Personal Testimonial
If no such certificate is available, written confirmation from someone associated with the film or television show is acceptable as proof of authenticity for movie memorabilia.

Care of Photos and Memorabilia
Photos and memorabilia must be maintained in good condition. Tears, creases and dog-eared corners can have a detrimental effect on their value. Protect photos from light, temperature, humidity and acidity which can adversely affect their long-term appreciation and indeed enjoyment.

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