Gold Discs, Record Signed

The rock and pop memorabilia marketplace has matured quickly, considering that prior to 1980 there was essentially no market. The number of buyers has increased significantly, rapidly reducing the availability of collectible items and continually increasing prices.
In the field of signed gold records and discs, prospective purchasers need to take great care regarding the authenticity of autographs. The advent of the Internet has brought together significantly more purchasers and vendors and, unfortunately, a significant increase in the number of forged items on offer. Buyers are advised to purchase from a reputable seller, preferably a member of a recognised body, who will provide a Certificate of Authenticity, verifying that any signatures are genuine and offering a full money-back guarantee in the case of any doubt.
This eclectic range of eye-catching CD gold discs features original CDs and covers, personally hand-signed by the featured band or artist(s). The gold discs are expertly electroplated, so won't crack or peel like inferior products. Each item is despatched with a Certificate Of Authenticity, verifying the autographs' authenticity and framed in a 16" x 20", plexiglass-covered, gold aluminium frame. Realistically priced, these signed gold discs should be greatly admired by followers and collectors.
The collection covers many musical genres, with gold records from hard rock / heavy metal bands AC / DC, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Deep Purple and Def Leppard, amongst others. Alternative rock is represented by the likes of Coldplay and Green Day. Rock and pop signed gold records include Irish boy band, Boyzone, Canadian pop star Celine Dion and former teen idol Donny Osmond. Guitar aficionados may be enthused by the gold records of Eric Clapton and Dire Straits (Mark Knopfler). Other offerings include 80s ska outfit, Bad Manners, with front man Buster Bloodvessel (Douglas Trendle), Icelandic rock star, Bjork, Dolly Parton's Country and Western and a mixture of R&B, soul and jazz from Amy Winehouse.
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