CD Displays Ltd. Edition

Unique, limited edition CD Displays look out of this world and are a "must have" item for collectors of music related items. Issues limited to just 100 per item make them prestigious, popular, collectibles, much sought after by music fans.

Each of these dazzling, limited edition CD displays featuring the artist(s) includes the original CD and cover, with all items mounted in the frame. The 12" x 10" display is completed by a gold aluminium frame, covered with plexiglass (which doesn't break, unlike glass).

With over 500 displays in the range, from Abba to Whitesnake, there should be something to suit those with tastes in all types of music. This extensive range makes the displays particularly collectible music memorabilia as fans of particular artist(s) can of course collect more than one of the CD displays.

For example, fans of AC / DC can avail themselves of stunning displays featuring the "Blow Up Your Video", "Stiff Upper Lip" and "The Razor's Edge" albums, thus immediately creating a music memorabilia collection for their favourite band. Furthermore, multi-display collections of this type, particularly as limited editions, are likely to increase in value over time than a single display.

Those devoted to a specific music genre such as guitar "legends," might like to combine displays of Eric Clapton's "August" album with Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms," Lynyrd Skynyrd's "The Collection," and "Band of Gypsies" by Jimi Hendrix, from an almost incalculable number of permutations.

There are so many displays available in this range that a similar principle can be applied to just about any genre of music and many individual bands and / or artist(s).

These eye-catching, limited edition displays will make an impressive addition to any collection of music memorabilia and will look fantastic in any setting.


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