Commemorative Guitar Pick Collection

A guitar plectrum (or pick) is a small, flat tool, held by a player, to pluck or strum the strings of a guitar. A plectrum for electric guitars, acoustic and bass guitars is usually narrow and triangular with rounded corners, the most acute angle being that used to pluck the string. Guitar "picks" are made from various materials, originally tortoiseshell, but nowadays celluloid, tortex and plastic are generally used. The fact that such materials lend themselves easily to decoration makes them popular with fans of musical collectibles and music memorabilia.

Aside from their practical applications, eye-catching, commemorative, guitar pick collections are essential musical collectibles for fans of the "axe." Relatively inexpensive, a collection of commemorative plectrum sets forms a fascinating display. Given the wide range available, guitar fans have the option of focusing on particular bands or artists, a specific music genre or forming an assorted collection including some of the more unusual items detailed below. Whatever the choice, commemorative guitar pick sets make a very attractive addition to any collection of music memorabilia.

Most guitar pick sets contain about ten mounted plectrums, each with a different image. These can be removed from the card mount for use, if required. Whilst the majority of these music memorabilia items depict bands and artists associated with the guitar, from AC / DC to Willie Nelson, there are several unusual guitar pick collections. These feature famous personalities not normally associated with music, such as John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, W.C. Fields, Abbott and Costello and Sean Connery, amongst others. Also included in this extensive range of musical collectibles are several novelty guitar pick sets with images of popular cartoon and fictional characters; Scooby Doo, Dennis the Menace, Spiderman, the Beverley Hillbillies, Disney characters and those from the films Monster Inc, Shrek and Grease are just a small selection of those to have a dedicated commemorative guitar pick collection.

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