Signed Guitars

Getting their hands on a signed guitar is a major deal for dedicated fans. There is no better piece of music memorabilia than a signed guitar from a favourite band. The major problem is obtaining an authentic model. Signed guitars are worth far more than other autographed music memorabilia because they are more difficult to obtain and far rarer.

Specialist music memorabilia dealers seek seemingly outrageous prices for autographed guitars. These may range from several thousand pounds, up to quite literally millions, dependent on the condition, who signed it, when and where. Most collectors try to find signed guitars in excellent condition. Guitars are merely instruments, but getting one signed by a favourite band or artist is of course worth far more than the cost of the instrument.

Fans consider owning a signed guitar awesome, but to obtain such an instrument actually played by the artist is that much more impressive. This is a rare event, except for those prepared to part with large sums of cash. However, an occasional very lucky fan may be gifted an instrument by a band member at, say, the end of a tour.

Signed guitars need authentication before they can be re-sold, as the vast majority of people will need to see proof of a legitimate signing, before parting with hard earned-cash. Such scepticism is hardly surprising, given the vast quantity of forgeries and fakes on the market. If a picture of the guitar actually being signed by the artist(s) or a certificate of authenticity is not available consultation with a memorabilia expert or dealer will be essential to confirm that the signed guitar is legitimate.

Additionally, before contemplating the purchase of a guitar that is autographed, it is vital to ensure that the instrument is the genuine article, too, as probably as many unscrupulous people generate a very nice living from producing forgeries of high-quality guitars as those that fake the signatures.

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