Gold Discs, Records Limited Edition

This vast range of limited editions contains remarkable items that look "out of this world" in a collection of music memorabilia. Each comprises a limited edition CD gold disc of the featured band or artist(s), along with the original CD cover. The discs are gold electroplated by experts to prevent cracking / peeling of the surface.
These competitively-priced limited edition gold discs are extremely collectible, each having an issue of just 50. Purchasers can be assured that they are authentic limited editions, as each is delivered with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity, bearing the limited edition number. Furthermore, each of the gold discs displays has a metal plaque attached, confirming the disc as having "gold" certification, along with the limited edition number. Complete with a 16" x 20" plexiglass-covered, gold, aluminium frame, they make a great addition to any collection.
The diverse range of available titles (currently over 1600) should hold something appropriate for all enthusiasts, including as it does, some of the all-time best selling albums in the UK. Heading this list is Oasis' 1995 release "(What's the Story) Morning Glory," a 14-times platinum selling album, which is included along with 7 other offerings from the popular band. "Brothers in Arms," Dire Straits' 1985 multi-platinum selling album is also highly collectible; the range also includes 5 other gold records by the band.
Other collectible UK best-sellers from the range include a "massive" display of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon," along with 7 other albums. Any of the 6 Michael Jackson albums should, of course, prove popular, particularly "Bad" and "Thriller," both platinum selling albums many times over.
Many other bands and artist(s) are represented by several gold discs / gold records in the collection, allowing fans to focus on merely their favourite, or compile an assortment of gold records featuring different bands, artists or musical styles.


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