Gold Discs, Record Ltd. Edition, Photo Displays

This huge range of high-quality, limited edition gold disc, record and photo displays seem sure to prove all the rage with collectors. All items are mounted in a frame, with a metal plaque bearing the legend, "GOLD DISC & PHOTO DISPLAY, in recognition of sales of over 500,000 albums worldwide." This is the requirement for gold certification of an album by the Recording Industry Association of America. This plaque also bears the limited edition number, as does the Certificate Of Authenticity issued with every item.
The sheer quality of these presentations of gold discs, gold records and photos makes them particularly collectible, especially given that each is limited to an issue of just 50 items. The extensive range covers just about every genre of music, featuring both classic and more contemporary gold records. Coupled with competitive prices, they are sure to be snapped up quickly by fans and collectors.
Items associated with deceased artists are considered very collectible, so the displays featuring Michael Jackson's "Dangerous," "Thriller" and "Number Ones" gold records seem certain to prove very popular. Similarly, anything connected with Freddie Mercury appeals to collectors and Queen's "Kind of Magic" and "Made in Heaven" gold discs also sell well.
Madonna has managed to "recreate" herself for each of several tours so items connected with these different images, such as the "Confessions on a Dance Floor" and "Ray of Light" albums will be very attractive to collectors.
Sex Pistols material is very desirable, with the punk rock band entering the "big league" for memorabilia. Their "Never Mind The B****cks" album will appeal to those seeking to revisit the rebellious days of their youth.
Gold discs associated with the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley are considered highly sought rock and pop collectibles by many. Fans will not be disappointed, as one or more albums by each of these is included in the range.
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