Platinum Disc/Records

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) awards platinum certification to albums selling 300,000+ copies, while the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) awards the same certification to those selling 1,000,000+ copies.
There is a wide range of platinum discs and records on the market. Many of these, rather than be sold as uninteresting single items, are combined with (often signed) photographs of the artist(s) and mounted in a frame to produce an impressive display item. Many of these displays are also issued as "short run" limited editions, making them particularly desirable for collectors. These striking items are a necessity for any music fan. They are particularly eye-catching on any wall and create great talking points.
Limited Edition Platinum CDs / Platinum Records
These displays comprise an impressive limited edition platinum CD of the band / artist(s), along with the original CD and cover. Each is limited to an issue of just 50 and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and plaque, both bearing the issue number. With a size of 16" x 20", they are framed in black aluminium, covered with plexiglass (which doesn't break as can glass). All discs are professionally electroplated, so there is no fear of cracking or peeling.
Limited Edition Platinum CDs / Platinum Records and Photo Displays
Similar to the above, these dazzling and substantially sized limited edition display items contain a platinum CD disc, but also include a photograph display. Slightly larger at 24" x 20", they are framed in silver aluminium / plexiglass. Authenticity and disc details are as above.
Signed Platinum Discs / Platinum Records and Photo Displays
These are equally spectacular displays comprising a platinum CD disc mounted with the original CD cover and hand signed photo of the artist(s). Size, framing, authenticity and disc details are as for the previous items.