Gold Single Displays

The Recording Industry Association of America awards gold certification to singles shipping 500,000+ copies via retail markets and digital downloads.

These dazzling CD gold single displays are essential for devotees and collectors. Each contains the original CD of the band or artist(s), accompanied by the original CD cover. The discs are expertly electroplated, avoiding cracking or peeling and the finishing touch is a 12" x 10" plexiglass-covered, gold aluminium frame with mount. The range on offer is vast, covering all types of music, with an eclectic assortment of bands and artists.

Collectors may choose to focus on the bands / artists with the greatest number of gold singles to their name. Heading this list by some way is Elvis Presley, who released 54 gold discs in his career. Displays of his gold discs in this range are "That's All Right" and "A Little Less Conversation." Others who have released significant numbers of gold records include Mariah Carey (23) whose "Loverboy" is included in the range, Janet Jackson (21), represented by "All Nite (Don't Stop)," Elton John (18) whose "Recover Your Soul" and "This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" gold single displays feature, Beyonce (13) with "Baby Boy" and "Me, Myself and I" gold singles, Rhianna (11) with an "I Love Every Little Thing About You" display and Christina Aguilera (7) whose gold records "Fighter" and "The Voice Within" are also included.

Within the extensive range of gold single displays, numerous bands / artists are represented by more than one of their gold discs. For example, Simply Red have displays of 4 of their gold records, while the Pet Shop Boys, Nickelback and K.T. Tunstall have 3 each. This allows fans to compile a collection of just their favourite bands and / or artists, or an assortment from the inexpensive range. Certainly, fans of Oasis should experience no problem in acquiring a collection, with no less than 22 different single displays on offer.

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