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Collecting postcards appeals to many collectors of signed memorabilia and autographs, as a lucky collector may be fortunate enough to discover a card written by a famous person. Even if this is not the case, picture postcard collecting caters for a wide range of interests and provides a fascinating insight into the events of the 20th-century, each providing a snapshot of the past.

Novelty Action Figures
There are many action figures of musicians, actors, TV stars and the like. Generally, such figures are appreciated (or otherwise) for the quality of detail, painting and likeness to the character. However, figures bearing autographs from the character they represent can prove to be valuable items of signed memorabilia. Additionally, condition is a primary concern in valuing a figure and the best examples should be unopened with all packaging intact.

Collectible Key Rings
For keen collectors, many companies specialise in the production of collectible key rings. These key rings are usually more expensive than those designed for practical use, being specifically designed for incorporation into a collection. This is not a particularly expensive hobby and collecting key rings can be great fun as they have such unusual designs. These key rings are often of either a higher quality than the "practical" type and have unusual, eye-catching designs, which is what makes them a collector's item, especially if bearing autographs.

Some key rings form part of memorabilia collections. There is a wide range key rings associated with merchandise for famous characters, films and TV series. Most collections of memorabilia for popular series include a key ring. These are usually bought to form part of a collection, but they can also make an interesting gift for someone who has a favourite character, famous person, film or TV show. As with other items, autographs from characters depicted on such key rings can transform a relatively inexpensive item into a piece of valuable signed memorabilia.

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