Gold Discs, Record Signed

The items in this range feature the original CDs / covers of genuine gold-certified albums, which have sold in excess of half a million copies worldwide. The content of the "F" sub-category is limited, but has much scope for future expansion.

British-American rock band Foreigner enjoyed commercial success between 1977 and 1987, with 6 albums being certified platinum or multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with 5 of them reaching the top 5 in the US Charts. Their featured 1992 release, "The Very Best and Beyond," was not particularly successful, reaching only no. 123 in the US Billboard 200. Nonetheless, it was award dual-platinum status by the RIAA. Total worldwide album sales have topped 50 million.

American country star Faith Hill has enjoyed overwhelming commercial success in her music career of over 25 years. Her soulful, raspy voice and circumspect approach to song choices has enabled her to top 40 million in record sales. Between 1993 and 2005, Hill released 6 RIAA-certified multi-platinum albums, 3 of which topped both the US Country Charts and Billboard 200. Amongst these is her 1999 album, "Breathe," which won a Grammy award for "Best Country Album." One of the most successful country albums of all-time, it was certified 8-times platinum by the RIAA, 5-times platinum in Canada, platinum in Australia and reached sales level appropriate to gold discs in the UK. In 2009, "Breathe" was ranked 31st in the list of "Billboard 200 Best Albums of the 2000s".

Potential future additions may include several signed gold records by US jazz, R&B and soul singer, Roberta Flack, who produced 5 gold (or better) albums between 1969 and 1977; "First Take," "Chapter Two," "Quiet Fire," "Killing Me Softly" and "Blue Lights in the Basement." British rock band Fleetwood Mac boast a whole host of top-selling albums, including the record-breaking "Rumours" and some of their signed gold records seem certain to be included.

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