Gold Discs, Record Signed

Gold Discs, Record Signed - Letter M

Each display of gold discs / signed gold records comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity from Within the "M" sub-category, fans and collectors of rock music memorabilia and especially heavy metal will find plenty of choice.

British rock band, Motorhead, was formed in 1975, by singer-songwriter and bass guitarist, Ian Fraser Kilmister, better known by his stage name, Lemmy. Generally regarded as a re-energising force in British heavy metal, the band enjoyed great success in the early 1980s and developed a reputation as one of Britain's leading rock bands. Collectors and aficionados of signed gold records seem sure to be delighted by the impressive display featuring their 1980 album, "Ace of Spades." The band's 4th album reached no. 4 in the UK Albums Charts and achieved gold status by March 1981.

Heavy metal fans will doubtless find the 2 displays featuring Californian band, Metallica, to their liking. Formed in 1981, the band have enjoyed huge worldwide success, with many gold discs. Their 8th studio album, "St. Anger," released in June 2003, was a great success, topping the US Billboard 200 and reaching no.3 in the UK Albums Charts. It also reached no.1 in 8 other countries and was awarded 2x platinum status by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Their follow-up album, 2008 release, "Death Magnetic," was even more successful, topping both the UK Albums Charts and Billboard 200, achieving gold and platinum status in the UK and USA, respectively. A massive worldwide hit, it reached no. 1 in the Album Charts of a further 25 countries.

Also featured is "Everything Must Go," a 1996 release by Welsh rockers, the Manic Street Preachers. The album reached no. 2 in the UK Albums Charts and has been awarded 2x platinum status by the British Phonographic Industry. It seems sure to appeal to collectors, containing 5 songs featuring lyrics by Richey James Edwards, who went missing, presumed dead, in February 1995.

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