Gold Single Displays

These certified gold discs come packaged with their corresponding CD singles and cover / sleeve art and make for an eye-catching addition to any wall or surface. Currently the 'H' sub-category of gold records is fairly limited, though there are many artists and bands eligible for future inclusion.

Created in 2001, Hear'Say were a manufactured pop group formed by the winners of ITV's reality television show, Popstars. The show itself proved to be so successful it would inspire similar televised contests such as Pop Idol and X Factor. One of the first groups of their kind, Hear'Say sold close to three million records worldwide in their brief but extremely successful eighteen month career, earning four hit singles and several platinum and gold records. 'Lovin' Is Easy' came out in August 2002 following the release of their second album 'Everybody' the previous year and would prove to the last track that the group worked on together. The song was a success in Britain, though it was not as popular as their previous singles and failed to chart worldwide, where it cracked the top ten, peaking at no. 6 in the UK Singles Chart.

One possible candidate for future inclusion would be Swedish rockers, The Hives. Formed in Fagersta in 1993 by brothers Pelle and Niklas Almqvist, Mikael Karlsson, Mattias Bernwall and Christian Grahn; they first garnered attention as one of the prominent groups of the garage rock revival movement prevalent in the early 2000s. The band capitalised on their growing popularity (brought about partly by the re-release of their first single 'Hate to Say I Told You So', which would become one of the group's first gold discs) by releasing a 'Greatest Hits' album. 'Your New Favourite Band' featured many of the groups well-known and previously recorded songs and was instrumental in helping them achieve mainstream success in the UK, where it was certified platinum.

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