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Gold Discs, Records Limited Edition - Letter C

Music fans will find plenty of choice in this sub-category of gold discs and gold records, which offers the very best quality, signed gold records from numerous popular music genres.

The French-Canadian singer Celine Dion rose to fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland in 1988, singing in French. In 1990 she released the album Unison and became a critically acclaimed international star during the 1990s, with hits such as 'It's All Coming Back to me' and 'Think Twice' achieving widespread recognition. Her single 'My Heart Will Go On' was the soundtrack to the multi-Oscar winning blockbuster Titanic and cemented her status as a superstar in the world of popular music. The single was released in the UK in 1998, reaching No 1 in the Singles Chart and becoming the second bestselling single of the year in the UK, after Cher's 'Believe'.

Born in India and raised in England, Sir Cliff Richard (OBE) was an enormous fan of Elvis Presley and in his earlier years performed as a typical rock and roll singer – rebellious and boisterous. His hit single 'Move it', released in 1958, is regarded as perhaps the first authentically British rock and roll single. In later years, Richard's music transformed from an energetic rock and roll genre to a far softer, slower paced 'middle of the road' style. Indeed, some of Richard's singles began to venture into the gospel genre due to his conversion to Christianity and his apparent commitment to celibacy.

The alternative English rock group Coldplay formed in 1997 in London and consists of the lead vocalist, guitar player and keyboardist Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman. The band achieved critical acclaim following the release of their single 'Yellow and 'Parachutes', their debut album.

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