Gold Discs, Records Limited Edition

Gold Discs, Records Limited Edition - Letter H

Music fans are spoilt for choice in this sub-category and can choose from a wide range of signed, high quality limited-edition gold records and gold discs that cater for many different music genres. All gold records and discs are authentic.

Born and bred in Salford, Greater Manchester, the musicians Shaun Ryder, Paul Ryder, Gary Whelan and Mark Day formed the band Happy Mondays in 1980. During their music career they became known for their interesting rhythmic style, which was a combination of northern soul, house music and funk. Some of their music has been remixed by a number of DJs, highlighting their influence on popular dance music. The band expanded to include Mark Berry and later on, Rowetta Satchell in the 1990s. Some of their most successful international hits include 'Step on' and 'Kinky Afro'.

The English space rock group, Hawkwind wrote science fiction-themed lyrics and were widely regarded as a pioneer to punk work and one of the notable acts to bridge the link between punk and hippie cultures. They were formed in 1969 under singer-songwriter Dave Brock (also a guitarist for the band) and through the years the band went through numerous musical styles and incarnations. During their musical career they have released 26 studio albums and 11 live albums; their most recent studio album entitled 'Blood of the Earth' was released on June 21st 2010.

Hailing from Sheffield, the band Heaven 17, comprising of Martyn Ware, Glenn Gregory and Ian Craig Marsh experienced widespread commercial success in Britain and Ireland for a time during the 1980s. One of their most popular singles was 'Temptation' which reached No. 2 on the UK charts back in 1983. The band played their first live gig in 1997 and since then they have continued to perform and record on occasions.

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