Gold Discs, Records Limited Edition

Gold Discs, Records Limited Edition - Letter S

This category of plated gold records and gold discs offers a large number of titles suited to various music genres. This is a prestigious collection of gold records and discs that are manufactured and produced to outstanding quality.

The American band, Scissor Sisters, are known for their pop, disco, glam rock style which is influenced by the Manhattan club scene. The group comprises of: vocalists, Ana Matronic and Jake Shears; bassist and lead guitar player, Del Marquis; the drummer Randy Real and Babydaddy as the multi-instrumentalist.

Despite their American origins, the band has had limited commercial success in the United States, but has seen widespread success in the United Kingdom. Their debut album became the UK's bestselling album in 2004. 'I Don't Feel Like Dancin,' one of their most well known hits, was one of the top five bestselling UK singles of 2006. It remained in the UK Top 40 Singles Chart for a total of 27 weeks.

The Sex Pistols, a popular English punk rock group formed in 1975 in London, were responsible for starting the punk movement in the UK. They are an inspiration for many other punk / alternative rock artists even to this day. Originally they consisted of members Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Glen Matlock and Paul Cook.

The Sex Pistols are known for their controversial performances, including the single 'God Save the Queen' (1977), which attacked British deferential attitudes to the crown and social compliance. At the time of its release, they received widespread media attention in the UK. In 2006 they were inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but refused to show up for the ceremony, branding the museum as 'a piss stain.' The band has performed in a number of reunion tours and shows at various locations from the 1990s onwards.

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