Gold Discs, Records Limited Edition

Gold Discs, Records Limited Edition - Letter X

Although currently an empty category, this selection will provide gold records that are produced to the highest quality as soon as a number of records become available. All gold records and gold discs are signed and authentic. We hope to provide a number of discs in the letter 'X' category in due course.

Each collection contains a limited edition gold disc CD of a featured artist or band, together with its original CD cover. All discs are electroplated to prevent peeling or cracking at the surface. They are competitively priced and comprise of a limited issue of just 50 discs. Anyone wishing to purchase these can rest assured - these discs are accompanied with a special Certificate of Authenticity and include the limited edition number. There is a metal plaque attached with a confirmation of 'gold' certification and a large 16 by 20 inch aluminium, gold, Plexiglas covered frame. This is manufactured to an outstanding quality.

Some of the most popular artists to feature in these gold discs include pop star legend Michael Jackson and successful bands such as Oasis and Pink Floyd. These gold disc collections only consist of bestselling artists who have sold large numbers of albums internationally.

There are more than 1600 available titles in this prestigious collection: including famous albums such as Oasis' ('What's the Story) Morning Glory' from 1995 and the bestselling album from the UK rock band Dire Straits, 'Brothers in Arms', which was released in 1985. This collection also includes five other collections from Dire Straits, who released a number of highly successful albums in their peak era in the music industry. There are also eight albums from Pink Floyd included in this collection, such as 'The Dark Side of the Moon' and 'The Wall'.

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