Gold Discs, Record Ltd. Edition, Photo Displays

Each display of gold records is completed by a 24" x 20" plexiglass-fronted, gold, aluminium frame. The discs and photographs are fully mounted in the frame, not merely stuck onto a backing board, as is the case with inferior products.

The "B" sub-category provides a wide range of various musical genres and includes several "Best Of" and "Greatest Hits" gold discs. With some bands and artists represented by more than one item, fans and enthusiasts will be able to focus on their favourites.

Veteran US singer-songwriter, "The Boss", Bruce Springsteen, features by way of his "Greatest Hits" and "Working on a Dream" albums. The former, an early 1995 release and Springsteen's first compilation album, is a collection of his hit singles and most popular album tracks. A great commercial success, it topped both the US and UK Album Charts, with sales in excess of 4 million in the USA. The latter entered the US Billboard 200 chart at no.1, with sales close to a quarter of a million in the first week following its January 2009 release. It topped the album charts in 17 countries and was a major worldwide hit, with sales in excess of 3 million. Both seem likely popular choices amongst the gold records on offer.

"Bounce", the 8th studio album by New Jersey hard rockers, Bon Jovi, entered the US Billboard 200 at no. 2, with sales of over 150,000 in the first week after its October 2002 release. Despite being the band's only studio album to lack platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America, it was their highest ever debut (at the time) and looks a good pick for collectors of gold records.

Other gold discs in this sub-category include offerings by Backstreet Boys, Blondie, Bryan Adams, Bryan Ferry, Black Sabbath and Bob Dylan.

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