Gold Discs, Record Ltd. Edition, Photo Displays

These high-quality displays are particularly eye-catching, whether displayed alone or in groups. The "C" sub-category contains an eclectic mix of musical styles and genres, offering plenty of choice for collectors.

"X & Y" by London alternative rock band, Coldplay, was released in June 2005. A worldwide chart-topper, including in the UK and USA (the band's first), it was the best-selling album of 2005, exceeding 10 million in sales. It seems a likely popular choice amongst gold discs enthusiasts.

Fans and collectors of alternative rock gold records may also be attracted to "August and Everything After", the 1993 debut album of Californian rockers, Counting Crows. The album peaked at no. 4 in the US Billboard 200 and no. 16 in the UK album chart. Featuring the hit single, "Mr. Jones", the album was eventually certified gold in the UK and multi-platinum in the United States.

Multiple award-winning, American, pop singer-songwriter Cher is represented by her self-titled comeback album of 1987, her first release for 5 years. Although not a huge chart success, peaking at no. 26 in the UK album charts and no. 32 in the US Billboard 200, the album achieved gold certification in the UK and spawned single "I Found Someone", a Top 10 hit in both the UK and USA. The album is a worthy inclusion amongst this range of gold discs / gold records displays.

Karen and Richard Carpenter were the best-selling US musical artists of the 1970s, with a unique, soft musical style. Carpenters' gold records are especially collectible, given the untimely 1983 death of Karen Carpenter, at the age of 32, as a result of cardiac arrest brought on by anorexia nervosa. Their 1973 album, "Now and Then", reached no.2 in both UK and US album charts, achieving gold certification in the UK and dual platinum in the USA.

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