Gold Discs, Record Ltd. Edition, Photo Displays

The content of the "Y" sub-category of gold discs, gold records and photograph displays is always likely to be limited, due to the inevitable infrequency of the letter as the initial for popular bands and artists. However, there are several artists that seem worthy of possibly future inclusion in this sub-category.

London progressive rockers, Yes, have enjoyed considerable commercial success, with numerous gold records during a career spanning over 4 decades. Their 4th album, 1971 release, "Fragile," the first featuring Rick Wakeman on keyboards, reached no 7. in the UK Album Charts and no. 4 in the US Billboard 200, during a stay of over a year. It achieved platinum status in the United States and dual-platinum in the UK, becoming one of the band's greatest commercial successes. The 1973 / 1974 release, double album, "Tales from Topographic Oceans" is another of the band's gold discs that may prove popular with collectors. It topped the UK Albums Charts and reached no.6 in the Billboard Pop Albums Charts, achieving gold status in both the UK and US.

Other gold records worthy of inclusion are those of Yazoo, the English "synthpop" duo of Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke from Basildon, Essex. Following 2 hit singles, their debut, 1982 album "Upstairs at Eric's" reached no. 2 in the UK Album Charts and no. 92 in the US Billboard 200, achieving gold certification in both countries. The duo use the name "Yaz" in the United States as "Yazoo" is used by an American rock band. Their 2nd and final album, "You and Me Both" topped the UK Album Charts, but initially performed poorly in the USA. However, it eventually achieved RIAA platinum certification (1 million+ sales) in 1989. These albums are extremely collectible given the short lifespan of the band (1981-83) and their limited number of releases.

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